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Our Fellowship Ministers

     Senior Minister:  Rev. Timothy S. Dixon serves as the founding and chartering pastor of Grace Christian Fellowship.  Pastor Tim, as he is affectionately known, has been in the ministry for 40 years.  He was ordained in 1989, and presently holds his ordained standing with Grace Christian Fellowship.  He served as a pastor in the Church of the Nazarene for 17 years and in the United Church of Christ for 15 years.  In June 2017, on Pentecost Sunday, Pastor Tim joined together with nearly 60 new chartering members, and nearly 90 people present, to launch and plant a new community of faith known as Grace Christian Fellowship.  

     Pastor Tim was appointed in 2016 by Mayor Steve Williams to serve as community liaison with the Huntington Police Department and presently chairs The Mayors LGBTQ Advisory Board.  He sits on the City of Huntington Diversity Council and the Board of Directors for the Kiwanis Daycare Center.

     Pastor Tim lives in Huntington with his husband of ten years and their four year old, Owen. 

You can listen to and follow Pastor Tim's Devotionals by clicking 

Minister:  Rodger Gentil is an authorized minister at Grace Christian Fellowship.  Rodger became a Christian in February of 1993, and was baptized in April of that year.  He was called to the ministry in 1995 in the United Methodist Church and served as the pastor of Centenary UMC.  Rodger attended Circleville Bible College and Shawnee State University.  He has served in ministry in the United Church of Christ and became a part of GCF in September of 2017.  He presently leads The Gospel Project on Wednesday nights at BOOST, and you can find him serving in various ways around our Fellowship.

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