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Our Pastors


Tim Dixon, Senior Minister

Rev. Timothy S. Dixon, known as Pastor Tim, has devoted four decades to ministry, serving 17 years in the Church of the Nazarene and an additional 15 years in the United Church of Christ. In June 2017, he founded Grace Christian Fellowship with nearly 60 chartering members. Pastor Tim is actively involved in the Huntington community; he was appointed as a community liaison by Mayor Steve Williams in 2016. Currently, he chairs the mayor's LGBTQ Advisory Board, contributes to the City of Huntington Diversity Council, and serves on the Board of Directors for the Kiwanis Daycare Center. Pastor Tim's journey, from ordination to establishing Grace Christian Fellowship, reflects a lifetime dedicated to spiritual leadership and community service in Huntington.

Rodger Gentil, an authorized minister at Grace Christian Fellowship, embraced Christianity in February 1993 and underwent baptism in April of that year. Being called to the ministry in 1995 in the United Methodist Church, he served as the pastor of Centenary UMC. Rodger is an alumnus of Circleville Bible College and Shawnee State University. He joined GCF in September 2017.


Rodger Gentil, Minister

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